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Entering your horse/s for the Grading Tour is a 3 step process.  

  1.  You will have already submitted a Stud Stop Booking form.

  2. Now you need to complete the Horse Entry for Grading form below with the details of each horse in each category.  This includes both TA inc gradings and TV.  This form must be submitted and the fees paid by 21 December 2023.  If you have a foal not yet born, then please put the sire/dam and due date on the Horse Entry for Grading form.  You will not be required to pay the grading fee for the foal until it is born, but that fee must be paid before the grading day. 

  3. You ALSO need to submit A Registration Application and payment for each horse that is not already registered with TA Inc or with TV: 

    1. For horses for TA grading/registration: Registration Application and payment for TA Inc via the Registration Tab on this website.  Registration application and payment must be submitted by 21 December 2023.  For foals not yet born, you will not be required to submit the registration documents nor pay the registration and DNA fees until the foal is born,  but these must be submitted and paid before the grading day.   

    2. For horses for TV grading/registration:  Registration Application for TV.  You can do this via their online "Glassy Studbook".  We ask that you do this asap an no later than 21 December 2023.  If you do not have access to that for any reason, please send the pedigree documents for any adult horse to TA Inc Registrar, and for any foal the pedigree details the sire and dam and the date of birth and sex of the foal.  The TV will invoice you directly for their registration and other fees.  

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