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Annual General Meeting:  
Tuesday, 20 September 2022, 7.30pm

The date and time for the 2022 AGM has been set:  

Tuesday, 20 September at 7.30pm (Australian Eastern Summer Time)

The venue?  Wherever you wish, as it will be conducted by a WEBEX online meeting.  

Current members will be emailed the meeting invitation. 

NOMINATIONS for committee positions are now open.  

GO TO THE "NOMINATIONS" tab to access and submit the form.

Nominations will close on  Sunday, 4 September 2022 at 5pm.  

You may self-nominate or may be nominated by another.

You must be a current financial member to nominate/be nominated for committee. 

The positions are:  

1. President/Chairperson

2. Vice President/Vice Chair

3. Secretary

4. Treasurer

5. General committee member

6. General committee member

Your nominee for President, VicePresident, Secretary and Treasurer need to be Breeder Members.  

Your nominee/s for general committee may be Breeder Members or Owner-Rider Members.  

You may nominate for more than one position, but no-one can be elected to more than one position. If you nominate for more than one position, the position for which you receive the highest number of votes will be the one you hold, and your votes for other positions will be disregarded.  

VOTING for any positions that have more than one nominee will commence on Monday, 12 September 2022 

Voting will be open until 12 noon on the day of the AGM, Tuesday, 20 September 2022.  

The votes will then be collated and outcomes announced during the AGM.

If there is only one nominee for a position, they will be declared elected unopposed, and voting will not be necessary. 

Voting will be by a form that will be emailed to all current voting-eligible members.


AGM AGENDA:  The agenda is:  

  1. Welcome and listing of members present/participating

  2. Apologies

  3. Previous AGM minutes for approval.

  4. Reports: 

    1. President

    2. Secretary

    3. Treasurer

  5. Election of Committee members – results of the voting to be announced for each position: 

    1. President/Chair

    2. Vice President/Chair

    3. Secretary

    4. Treasurer

    5. Committee (2x positions)

  6. Close (new committee members to remain and set date for 1st committee meeting)


The meeting will be held by WEBEX.  All current 2022-23 members will be emailed the meeting invitation with the link to join.   

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