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Do I register with TA or with TV?

If your horse is pureblood Trakehner, it may be possible to register with either Trakehners Australia (TA) or with the Trakehner Verband in Germany (TV). 

If your horse is a partbred Trakehner with at least 25% Trakehner blood, it is possible to register with TA.  

Trakehners Australia Registration: 

If your horse is a mare, filly, colt, gelding or stallion:

Your horse is verifiably pureblood Trakehner (or with allowable outcrosses (to Thoroughbred, Arab or Anglo) for 6 generations, and is already registered with an appropriate beed society, preferably with the original registration as a foal at foot.  

On verification of documents and parentage, and with DNA parentage testing and microchipping and on passing grading by a TA approved assessor (at present this is a representative of The TV once a year),  your horse would be eligible for TA registration as a pureblood.  

Foals from TA pureblood mares that are by TV Licensed stallions (by imported frozen semen (IFS) or by pedigree approved Trakehner stallions local in Australia or from other counties by IFS) are eligible for registration into TA as pureblood, with the same requirements for DNA parentage testing and microchipping and grading by the TA approved assessor.    

TA registered mares and filly foals are eligible to be put up for TV Studbook 1 grading when they are 3 years of age or more.  

TA registered colts or stallions may be pedigree approved to breed on with, and the progeny may be registrable with TA as pure bloods. 

If your horse (mare, filly, colt, gelding or stallion) is a partbred Trakehner with at least 25% Trakehner blood, you may apply for registration as a partbed with TA.  the TA registrar will consider existing registration and /or service documents and if satisfied of verifiable 25% Trakehner breeding, will register your horse as a partbred.  

Trakehner Verband Registration:

You may wish to take the additional or alternative steps to achieve Trakehner Verband registration for your mare: 

At or after 3 years of age, your mare may also be eligible to be first "pedigree approved" by the Trakehner Verband as a pureblood, and then may be eligible to be graded by a TV Commissioner for inclusion in the Trakehner Verband Studbook 1.  

You can also apply to have a studbook Thoroughbred mare, a purebred Arabian or an Anglo Arabian pedigree approved, then graded for inclusion in the TV Studbook 1. 

You have to be a TV member as well as TA member for this, and you have to pay all the Verband fees for registration and grading.

Trakehners Australia aims to have a Trakhener Verband commissioner authorised to do gradings "on tour" in Australia each year to view and do the gradings on horses, both for TA registration and for TV registration.    

If you wish to breed a foal from her by imported frozen semen (IFS) from a Trakehner Verband Licensed stallion (there are no Trakehner Verband Licensed Stallions resident in Australia at present) AND have the foal eligible to registered directly into the Trakehner Verband,  you will need to have your mare "pedigree approved" by the TV, then put her up for grading into the TV Studbook 1 during a grading tour organised by TA.   These grading tours usually occur once a year, commonly around March or April.  

TV licensing for stallions is not available in Australia.  Your eligible colt/stallion would have to taken to Germany to participate in the stallion assessment process there.  

Foals from TV Studbook 1 mares and by Licensed Trakhener Verband stallions are eligible to be registered with the Trakehner Verband after grading by the TV commissioner, and if they pass, are issued with TV registration papers, an FEI recognised horse passport, and certificate of ownership.  

Please contact the TA Registrar by email at if you have any questions.  

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