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Register a lease of a Trakehner

You may have leased a Trakehner for a number of purposes, for example to ride, breed, compete. 


You have to be a Breeder Member or Owner-Rider Member (or Junior Breeder Member or Junior Owner-Rider Member) of Trakehners Australia Inc to register a lease.  

Voting rights for members leasing a horse: 

  • Being or upgrading to being a Breeder Member or Owner-Rider Member and registering a lease with Trakehners Australia Inc will qualify you to be a voting member of TA. 

  • If a horse is leased by more than one person, you will need to nominate who is the voting member.  

  • The Owner of the horse remains the owner, but does not have a vote as owner of the leased horse for the duration of the lease.  The owner may still be a voting member due to ownership or other horses. 


Trakehners Australia Inc do not need to know commercial details of your lease, and will not play any role in settling any disputes that arise between the owner and lessee.  You need to seek your own advice about entering into a lease arrangement. 

Tor Trakehners Australia registry purposes:

  • the lease will be recorded in the registration database, and both the owner and the lessee will be given confirmation of the lease being recorded.  

  • A lease may be for a specified period of time, or be open ended.  

  • If it is for a specified period, it will be stated so on the TA record.  If you want to extend the lease, you will need to re-submit a further lease registration form and fee.  

  • If the lease is open ended, it will be stated on the TA record, and if the lease is terminated, TA will need to be advised by the owner and lessee.  If it is not possible for the owner to get the confirmation of lease end from the lessee,  the owner will need to provide a statutory declaration advising of the end of lease and why it has not been possible to obtain the lessee's confirmation of end of lease. 

Certificates of Ownership issued until 2018 do not have a Lease transfer section on them and you will have to make some amendments by hand as described in the form below to show it is a lease and not a transfer of ownership.  

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