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How to transfer a registered Trakehner

So, you have bought a Trakehner, purebred or part bred.  If it is your first, welcome to the wonderful world of Trakehner ownership!

You need to be a Trakehners Australia member to have a horse transferred into your name.  Please go to the Membership tab and complete your membership application there.  

If your Trakehner is registered with Trakehners Australia Inc, you should have received two documents from the seller: 

1.  the "Birth Certificate" original issued by Trakehners Australia when the horse was registered.  This will show you the pedigree and the Studbook it is registered in.  Keep this original in a safe place.  

2. A "Certificate of Ownership".  This shows the pedigree and identification of the horse, and at the lower page has a section for transfer of ownership.  You need to have the seller complete their section and complete your section. 

Complete the form below, including uploading your completed Certificate of Ownership and bank transfer receipt, and hit Submit.  

Once your current membership and transfer details are verified,  we will issue you with a new Certificate of Ownership.   

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