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Listing your Trakehner stud....  Information & rules for stud listings

Only studs breeding purebred Trakehners or partbred Trakehners (25% minimum and registered with TA) will be listed.

Listing is entirely at the discretion of the TA Inc Committee, and subject at least but not only to the "rules" below.  

Current TA members' studs will be listed free of charge during the year of their membership.

Non current TA members studs may be listed, subject to Committee approval, for an annual fee of $70, the listing to be from time of approval of the entry and authenticated payment to TA Inc.  .  


TA Inc is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by each stud listed, save for TA membership information and information as to registration of horses referred to insofar as TA holds registration/pedigree records of such horses.   

Information that MUST be included in the listing is: 

  1. Name of the stud and whether you are a TA member or not.  

  2. Address or at least the general location of the stud

  3. Name and contact phone and email of the studmaster

  4. The PIC number of the stud

Information that is encouraged for inclusion is:

  1. Stallion/s or frozen semen available, which MUST then state their pedigree and registration details

  2. Whether you have young stock and or riding horses available (may be "from time to time")

  3. Whether your stud offers services apart from breeding and sales:  ie:  trying or breaking in, or show prep, or rider/horse lessons. 

  4. Whether you offer agistment services for any purpose.

  5. Link to your website

  6. Link to your facebook page

  7. reference to TA inc "for sale or lease page"

For any questions or to submit a draft for approval, please contact the Secretary:

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