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Trakehners Australia Inc is an association incorporated in West Australia, registration number A1013151E

Trakehners Australia Inc was founded in 2007 and is regulated by the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 (WA) and in particular by the Rules required under that Act. 

The Rules set out the powers and obligations of the association, committee and members.  

All members must read and agree to abide by the Rules. 

The current rules are titled "TA Inc Rules and Basic Breeding Rules 31/10/2021" and are set out below. 

These were approved by the membership by Special Resolution at a meeting on 31/10/2021.  

These Rules are an update to the previous "Constitution" and the "Breeding By-Laws" that had been in place, largely unamended (save for some changes necessary by 30/6/2019 due to change of legislation), since 2011.  

The current TA Inc Rules and Basic Breeding Rules 31/10/2121 have brought TA Inc governance up to date, with:

better rules for the management and participation in TA Inc, and

making the breeding rules as closely as practicable to those of the Trakehner Verband within Australian conditions and laws, and with continued addition that Trakehners Australia Inc also registers part-bred Trakehners. 

Trakehners Australia Committee is confident that the updates stand TA Inc in a really good position for the continued representation and promotion of the Trakehner breed in Australia.  

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