Membership categories

The type of membership you have is determined by whether you own or lease a Trakehner horse, and whether you wish to have a vote as a member.  

Trakehners Australia Inc encourages ALL Trakehner enthusiasts to join as a member,  whether or not you own or lease a Trakehner.  We welcome your thoughts, input and participation in our activities.  

The Trakehners Australia membership year runs from 1 July to 30 June.  Members joining for the first time in May will have their memberships valid until 30 June of the following year (up to a two month bonus).


"Ordinary Member"  is for those who own or lease a registered Trakehner (with TA Inc - either pure or part bred; or a Trakehner Verband registered horse), and who wish to be able to register horses and have a vote as a member.   Ordinary members pay a reduced fee for annual membership renewal.

"Associate Member" is for those who do not own or lease a Trakehner, and who will not be registering horses.  Associate members are kept informed of all TA activities, but do not have a vote. 

If you are an associate member and acquire a Trakehner (own or lease), you may upgrade your membership from Associate to Ordinary by submitting a new membership form and payment of the upgrade fee.

You will need to name a current Trakehners Australia Inc member who is proposing you for membership, and another Trakehners Australia Inc current member who is seconding your membership application.  If you do not know members to propose and second you, don't despair,  please submit your application noting that you need Committee assistance with a proposer and.or seconder.  A committee member may contact you to discuss proposing and/or seconding your application.  

Membership applications, including renewals, are considered by the Committee at the first or second committee meeting after receipt of your application.  You will be advised of the outcome, usually by email.  

Please look at and use the membership form for all applications.