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Registration with Trakehners Australia Inc

Trakehners Australia Inc registers Trakehner horses in Australia. 

The following may be registered into Trakehners Australia Inc 

  • Pure Trakehners (must be pedigree approved for at least 6 generations)

  • Part bred/derivatives (must be pedigree approved to have at least 25% Trakehner blood)

  • Foundation mares:  Thoroughbred, Arab, Shagya Araber, Anglo Arab (all must be pedigree approved)  

Use the registration application tab to complete your Trakehners Australia Inc registration application.  You must be or become a current Ordinary Member to register horses.

Trakehner Verband registration:

There is a separate process for your purebred mare or Thoroughbred, Arab, Shagya Araber or Anglo Arab mare to be assessed for inclusion into the German Trakehner Verband Studbook 1.  

Please contact the registrar for details of Verband registration.  

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