Avon Valley, West Australia

Stud Principal:  Sharon Haddock

Ph:  0414660585


Facebook:  Alexander Park Trakehner Horses  


Alexander Park is situated in the beautiful Avon Valley in Western Australia and is dedicated to breeding Trakehner horses. It was established in 1977.

Our breeding goal and program is based on the tried and proven methods of Tesio.  We have adopted and adjusted these breeding steps to fit our sport horse goals:

1. Learn the pedigree (it is your horse's genetic map)- so that you can understand the genetic strengths your horse possesses.
2. Have a breeding goal and determine which bloodlines will help you get there.
3. Linebreed- by finding a mate who will multiply the lines of superior ancestors in your horse.
4. Sex balance those lines- find a mate with the daughters and sisters of your good male lines, or the brothers and sons of your female lines.
5. Reinforce the bloodlines by engaging the background strength of the pedigree.
6. Bring in siblings- full if possible, or 7/8, 3/4, 5/8 or 1/2. Statistics show that full or 3/4 siblings send the genetics into high gear.
7. Repeat the breeding- to insure the best sport horse outcome in one of your foals.

Youngstock sometimes available.  

Trakehners Australia Committee note:  

Trakehners Australia Inc acknowledges and is proud to have stud principal, Sharon Haddock as a life member.  

Sharon was the first and founding member of Trakehners Australia Inc when it was first registered in 2007.  

Sharon has been passionately involved with breeding Trakehner horses since 1977.  

The Alexander Park website: is an invaluable resource to anyone seeking to know more of the history of Trakehners, both in East Prussia/Germany, and here in Australia.