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Trakehners Australia Breeding Rules

If you think TA Inc has strict requirements for registration into it's studbooks,  you are right.  

Trakehners Australia Inc wishes to adhere as closely as possible to the same breeding rules that the Trakehner Verband apply, with necessary modifications for our Australian laws and our physical location way away from Europe.  

The Trakehner studbooks have been "closed" and highly regulated since 1732.  

The purity and integrity of the breed is a paramount consideration.  

"New" blood is brought in only through approved mares and stallions that are pedigree proven Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Shagya Arab, Anglo Arab or a combination of these.  

The current Trakehners Australia Breeding rules are set out here in the attached PDF document.  

These were written based on the TV breeding rules some years ago. 

The TV amended their breeding rules in 2018 (in essence to cater for certain EU wide Animal laws).  

Trakehners Australia is currently working on amendments to the TA Breeding rules.  This will NOT change the fundamental principles applying to Trakehner breeding, but is intended to ensure that the TA rules are expressed in terms of Australian law, but remain as consistent as practicable with the TV 2018 breeding rules.  We also note that the attached version of the rules contains some non-breeding rules, and part of our revision is to "tidy this up" so the breeding rules are a stand alone document.   

Before you launch on your Trakehner breeding journey,  please read the breeding rules and do feel free to contact the Registrar with any questions you have.  It is far better to have a proper understanding of the requirements for breeding and registrations before you start, therefore avoiding any problems with registering your foals.  

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