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2020 Tour Guidelines

Trakehners Australia Inc is proud to announce and invite entries for the Trakehner 2020 Grading, Classification and Assessment Tour.  


This year we are again hosting Matthias Werner, representative of the Trakehner Verband eV to consider and score all our entered Trakehner horses, whether for registration into the Trakehner Verband eV, Trakehners Australia or for general assessment of an already registered horse.


Entries are available for both purebloods and derivatives.  


As well as scoring the entrants, Matthias will be speaking to each owner/breeder and can make time to advise on breeding options for your mares, and speak to you about your own breeding goals and how to progress with them.  


The focus in 2020 is on registration and breeding guidance, hence we will not be conducting a full suite of “show” classes, but will be making awards based on the scores to recognise excellence with horses scoring 75% or more eligible.    


The tour will commence on 1 March 2020 in Victoria and it is confirmed that we will be visiting studs in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland. 


You need to be a Trakehners Australia Inc member to participate, so if you are not already a member you need to submit your membership via the website asap, and no later than concurrently with this tour application.  


For the tour itself, you need to complete the entry forms, provided in a separate document.  



One is a guideline for presentation for the grading,  setting out presentation of the horse and workouts, and the “gold standard” of presentation.  But, we know that not everyone has an enclosed arena, capability and time to plait mares and foals etc,  so do not despair if you are not able to reach the recommendations.  Cleanly presented horses/foals in a reasonably level enclosed small paddock area is the minimum requirement.  We understand.  

The other is the Horse Entry Form for the 2020 tour.  If you wish to enter after 19/1/2020, please contact us first to express your interest,  we will include you if we can.  

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